Update Your Kitchen Style - Four Budget Cabinet Upgrades

If you have an older kitchen but don't have the funds to do a complete remodel, there are projects that you can still do on a budget. Cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen, and often can be the first thing one will notice. Here are four ways you can upgrade the look of your cabinets with simple at-home remodeling projects.

1. Paint Cabinets for a Quick Upgrade

If you have older, wooden cabinets, a fresh coat of paint can completely change the look of your kitchen. Brighten up your space with a white or egg shell color that complements the rest of your kitchen but brings a fresh, new look to your space. Make sure to pick durable paint designed for kitchens, where steam and smoke are factors.

2. Update and Unify Knobs

If your cabinet and drawer knobs are outdated, this can be an easy project that will bring a new unified look to your kitchen. Finding a modern style knob doesn't need to be expensive, and you can easily replace these yourself with a screwdriver. If you have other bureaus or bathroom drawers you would like to update with the same look, you can expand this project to other areas of the home.

3. Turn Cabinets into Display Shelves

A bunch of closed cabinets can be boring and really take away from individual style in the kitchen. Simply taking off cabinet doors on a set of shelves can transform covered shelving from a closed off space to a display for your favorite kitchen items. Similarly, if you have a cabinet that is over an island between your kitchen and dining area, you can take off the cabinet backing as well. Upgrading your cabinets to open shelves on both sides will let in light and bring together your space.

4. Take Out Cabinets Above the Oven

Another cabinet upgrade might actually involve removing a few to open up your space. Installing an exposed range hood is a great kitchen upgrade. If you have cabinets above your range oven that merely serve to hide the vent, oftentimes these cabinets aren't really useful because they aren't being used for storage. By eliminating this set of cabinets all together, you can install a chimney range hood that exposes the vent and is a sleeker look that opens up space.

If you don't have the funding to do a complete kitchen overhaul, simple projects that can update the overall look of your kitchen is the way to start. Getting your cabinets in top shape with simple projects and augmentation can update your kitchen look on a budget. On the other hand, if you have the funds, a professional remodeling company like Luxe Home And Design can likely give you better results than you can acheive on your own.