Tips To Troubleshoot Garage Doors

If you have an overhead garage door, there are several different things that can go wrong with it. The goal here is not to tell you how to fix what's wrong, but to identify what is wrong so that you can contact a professional who can repair the problem for you. It simply saves time if you can offer pertinent information that can identify the issue. This information helps the professional to quote you an accurate price so you can estimate the cost and time for repairs.

Lopsided Door

If your garage door hanging unevenly so that one side is higher off the ground than the other? If so, there is a good chance that you have a broken garage door cable. It's important to leave the door as-is and contact your garage door repair professional immediately. While one cable is broken, a larger portion of the weight of the garage door is on the other cable, causing strain and increased tension. Keep pets and children away from the door and do not use it until a professional arrives and fixes the cable.

Door Won't Open

If your door won't open, the problem is likely a broken garage door spring. The garage door works on a tension system so that when the tension is released, the spring pulls the garage door open. Be sure to keep everyone away from the garage door until the spring is fixed so that no accidental injuries occur. The spring is easy enough for a professional to fix, but can be dangerous for you to try to fix on your own.

Garage Door Closes with Items in Path

If you have a motion sensor on your garage door to prevent it from closing when something is in the way, your sensor may have been knocked out of place or cold have lost power. The solution may be as simple as adjusting the "eye" of the sensor or reconnecting the power source, but it's always best to have the professionals do this for you as soon as possible. In fact, adjusting this item yourself could even negate your warranty.

When you have garage door repairs to be done, it's always best to contact professionals (such as those from All Seasons Garage Door). Some of the repairs are dangerous when you don't have to proper training and tools. Other repairs can have an impact on your homeowner's insurance or warranty for the garage door. In either case, always keeps pets and children away from an unstable garage door until the repair professional lets you know the problem has been fixed.