Spare The Rod: Alternative Curtain Hanging Options For Your Home

When it comes to hanging drapes and other window treatments, you don't have to stick with the standard, boring curtain rods. In fact, there are many unique items that you can use to hang your window treatments and give the window an added sense of style in the process. Here's a look at some alternative window treatment hardware that you can consider for your home.

Unique Doorknobs

If you are trying to create an old-world look and feel in a room, consider shopping the local antique shops for some old brass doorknobs. If brass isn't your thing, look for other ornate doorknob styles from the time period you are trying to recreate. Attach the doorknob just above the window, then use fabric ties to secure the curtains to the doorknobs.

Wooden Clothespins

When you are looking for something more subtle and understated, consider investing in some old-fashioned clothespins. You can paint the pins in colors that match the room's theme, stain them, or leave the natural wood exposed. Install a thin rod or heavy cord along the top of the window and secure your curtains to it with the clothespins.

Cup Hooks

Cup hooks are available in many colors, shapes and styles. And since they are built to hold coffee cups, they can easily support the weight of your curtains. Mount the cup hooks over the top of the window, then hang your curtains from the hooks using curtain rings or fabric ties.

Drawer or Cabinet Hardware

Drawer pulls or other cabinet hardware can be a convenient and affordable way to tie your room's decor together. If you opt for hardware like what's already on the cabinets, drawers or desk, it creates a cohesive style in the room. Just attach the hardware over the window and use fabric ties to hang your window treatments.

Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are available in many styles and designs, including brass, metal and wood. Choose the material that best fits your sense of style, then hang your curtains from them using fabric ties, curtain rings or other similar fixtures.

With so many options for hanging curtains, you may never want to invest in curtain rods again. Take some time to look around each room for creative inspiration of something that could tie the whole theme together. Once you start looking for alternative curtain-hanging fixtures, you may be surprised at some of the ideas that you can turn into fantastic window decorations.

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