Reasons To Replace The Doors In Your Parents' Home

Has your elderly parent lived in their current home for decades? Have you decided to help them out by planning some renovations to improve their beloved home? Here are some reasons that replacement doors should be at the top of your project list: 

Increased security: If the door hasn't been replaced in a while, it may not be as structurally sound as it once was. Your parent may have problems closing the door so that it stays shut. This could allow anyone to wander up and open the door with very little effort. In addition, criminals prey on the elderly, kicking in flimsy doors. Sturdier replacement doors will help your parent to feel safer and more secure at night. They will also have to worry less about whether they properly closed and locked the door the last time they entered the home.

Energy efficiency: Older doors often have a tendency to warp, even if this warping isn't visually obvious. However, this warping can still allow an air exchange between the inside and outside of the home. The door may no longer hang completely straight and may start to sag. This can result in higher heating bills in the winter and higher cooling bills in the summer. Installing new doors can help to correct these issues, resulting in reduced energy bills. Elderly parents on a fixed income will appreciate the money saved by swapping drafty doors for modern replacement doors. 

Better curb appeal: Your parent is probably very proud of the home they created for your family. They may enjoy bragging about the house and all the memories that it contains. But a door with cracks, scratches and other blemishes can detract from the house's visual appeal. While they may not say so outright, having a home that's unattractive from the outside may make them shy about inviting their friends to visit. If this is true for your parents, replacement doors won't just make the home look better. They may also help to alleviate some of the loneliness that comes with age.

Protection against bad weather: Old doors may let rain and snow seep underneath. This water can create a dangerous fall hazard for your parent, potentially leading to a lengthy hospital stay. Installing new replacement doors will help to keep various forms of precipitation outside, where they belong. Your parent will no longer have to worry about slipping and hurting themselves every time it rains.

Talk with a door specialist, like Duranotic Door Inc, for more information about how a new door can improve your parents' home.