3 Ways Tires Affect Overall Car Functionality

Seasonal tires, full sized tires, compact tires, run-flat tires, with so many options, it's important to ensure you choose the correct tire for your vehicle. Tires are one of the most important safety features on your car and heavily dictate whether your car performs the way you want it to. Car tires can effect, gas mileage, performance and driving experience, and overall driver safety, so consider carefully when it's time for a replacement:

1. Gas Mileage

There are two things certain in this life: taxes and the fluctuation of gas prices.

As you are driving along, possibly singing your favorite tune very badly, your car tires are grinding it out against the earth. The lowered traction and tire pressure causes your car to work harder to cover the same distance, subsequently burning more energy and lowering your horse power.

Purchasing tires that are even slightly larger or smaller than the originals, or that are mismatched from your other tires can have the same effect as well as putting undue strain on the vehicle in other places.

2. Performance and Driving Experience

A squealing car is unpleasant for innocent bystanders and probably more so for the driver. While they may not necessarily cause the vehicle to squeal, tires can contribute to road noise as well as maneuverability. Tires that are smaller in diameter may have an issue absorbing bumps which lead to undue wear and tear on the suspension system. Larger tires put more pressure on the brakes and alignment of the car so it is important to adjust these things if you are changing tire size.

3. Safety

Lastly, and most importantly, replacing tires affects the safety of your vehicle. Loss of any degree of maneuverability equates to a higher safety risk. Cars are made with the tires in mind. Specifically, if you are up sizing or down sizing, this can contribute to the effectiveness of your brakes and your speedometer.

Beyond an inconvenient traffic citation, you never want to accidentally drive too fast through a construction or school zone especially with a lowered ability to stop your vehicle. These things can be adjusted with the change of tires by a certified mechanic.

Additionally, tires that require larger rims do not distribute heat as well as lighter rims which add to the stress on the brakes and other parts of the car. Lowered traction also creates a problem for stopping speed.

If you have season-based tires, such as snow tires, it's important to change these when the season changes.

Tires are one the most important safety features that you can control. If you need to use a spare tire before you can make it to the mechanic, be sure to choose on that will not completely compromise the functionality of the vehicle. Because a car needs to balance is tonnes of weight, a good rule of thumb is never to undersize. Choosing a good pair of tires can last years and save you lots of money in preventable repairs in the future.

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