Home Cleaning Services: How To Prepare For A Maid

Between work and family, there isn't much time left for anything else—much less cleaning. If you find that your home is a disaster area most days, then hiring a cleaning service will make your life easier. However, it is important that you follow proper etiquette.

So what should you do to prepare your home for a house cleaning service? Here are five tips to prepare your home and family for a maid cleaning service:

1. Provide Detailed Instructions

Make sure that you communicate clearly with your maid and provide detail instructions. Inform your maid of areas that need particular attention, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

You should also provide your maid with instructions for any key locks and door codes on your home. In addition, make sure to inform your maid about any pets in the home—as well as what to do with them if they become bothersome.

2. Discuss Cleaning Requests

If you have any special cleaning requests, make sure you tell your maid about them beforehand. For example, let your maid know that specific areas require more in-depth cleaning—such as the bathroom. If you will be having a big event and need a particular area cleaned more, let them know that as well.

If your cleaning demands change frequently, consider leaving a list with detailed instructions. You can also call before your scheduled cleaning date to discuss special needs.

3. Clean the Clutter

A maid may provide cleaning services, but that doesn't mean they organize your messes. If your home is cluttered, take some time to pick up items and put them away before the maid arrives. You should also remove—or hide—any items you deem valuable or fragile.

If you have a busy morning and cannot get to the clutter, leave a note and offer extra money if you expect the maid to clean up your day-to-day items such as dirty dishes, paperwork, etc.

4. Provide Feedback

Don't be afraid to be a bit nitpicky during your maid's first few visits. In the beginning, you and your maid are creating a relationship and building trust. If you find that things are not cleaned to your liking, let your maid know and provide constructive criticism.

On the other hand, if you are very satisfied with the cleaning services, let him or her know. Positive feedback will also help your maid know exactly what you like about their service, and it will ensure that your home is always cleaned to your liking.

5. Offer Cleaning Supplies

If you want your home cleaned with specific cleaning supplies, such as eco-friendly or "green" cleaners, let your maid know. You should also provide these cleaners, as they are often more expensive and some cleaning services do not carry them.

There you have it: five tips to help you get the most out of your home cleaning services. Remember, the most important part is communication—so don't be afraid to speak up.