Reasons To Rent An Apartment For Your Next Extended Vacation

Are you planning a month-long vacation and trying to decide whether or not to stay in a motel? Are you trying to figure out whether or not you should avoid hotels? Here are some reasons that a short-term apartment rental could be your best lodging solution:

Cleanliness: When you use an apartment for your vacation headquarters, you bring your own linens with you. You will be able to do your own laundry and won't have to worry about sleeping on sheets that have been used by strangers. You can clean the bathroom according to your standards and not have to be concerned about invisible germs left behind by a former occupant. Using your own bath towels and washcloths means that you don't have to worry whether or not they were washed with the proper amount of detergent. 

Security: In an apartment, the management verifies the identity of all leaseholders on the premises. Some even refuse to rent to people that don't pass credit checks or inquiries into their criminal history. With an apartment rental, you don't have to worry about anonymous people with questionable IDs staying next door to you. In contrast, the overnight guests at a motel may be able to check in with questionable identification cards, as long as they offer the desk clerk a suitable amount of cash. Also, If the apartment community is gated, your vehicle will be protected from the type of thieves that could be prone to wander through a motel's parking lot.

Food safety: Sampling the local cuisine can help you discover new and exciting foods, but it can also create health issues. If you have gluten intolerance or other food allergies, it can be difficult to make sure that each dish you order is safe for you to eat. In contrast, many apartment rentals offer you the use of a fully-stocked kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals that are free from potential allergens or contaminants. 

Saving money: Eating out could seriously impact your vacation budget, unless you dine on bargain burgers at a fast food restaurant every night. By having access to a kitchen, you'll be able to allocate your money to more activities and economize on your food budget. Having a refrigerator means you'll also enjoy the convenience of not having to get fully dressed and drive to a store each time you want an ice cold drink. You also won't have to worry about the temptation of a mini-bar that's stocked with over-priced items. 

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