Change Common Conundrums In Your Rooms With The Right Window Treatments

There are many tricks and techniques that you may use to improve the rooms of your home, and altering your window treatments is one of them. It is possible to emphasize the inherent strengths of the space, while minimizing flaws, simply through your choices in draperies, curtains, shades, and shutters in the home.

Try the following window treatments to resolve these common conundrums:

The room seems small.

The best way to make a room seem bigger is to lighten up your window treatments. Remove any furnishings or objects from in front of the window, and add shutters or simple shades that will provide security. Keep blinds or shades in light, neutral tones that will meld with the color of your walls.

The ceilings seem low.

You can make a room seem higher by hanging the upper-rod a foot or so above the top of the window, and allowing the drapery or panel to puddle on the floor. Another solution is to install a cornice a foot above the upper-sill of the window. These will make the ceilings appear taller.

There isn't enough natural light.

When there is a lack of light in a space, a great way to optimize it is to remove window treatments and go with something simple. Self-adhesive, removable window clings are a great way to ensure privacy without blocking the natural light that does come through. Choose a stained-glass or frosted motif, and buy it larger than the pane so that you can cut it to fit the window perfectly.

There is a lack of privacy.

When privacy is an issue, day or night, a great solution is found with shutters. These can block all visibility into your room, and may be used on the entire window or just the lower panes. For example, install California shutters on panes that are at eye-level, and allow natural light to stream through the uncovered, upper panes.

The room appears dated.

Give old, traditional spaces a fresh, modern makeover with some chic window treatments. Modern design theory is often minimalistic, so keep this in mind when shopping for blinds and drapes. Opt for natural, light-colored materials, such as bamboo or paper, and minimize the hardware around your windows, which will bring a crisp, streamlined look to your room.

Don't put up with awkward configurations or cramped quarters. Instead, come up with some clever window treatments to minimize or potentially resolve the inherent issue with the space. For more information, contact a company like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley.