Three Tips For Choosing The Best Rings For Your Curtain Setup

When you're trying to make one of the curtain setups in your home as attractive and functional as possible, curtain rings are an important part of the equation. If you select excellent new curtains but utilize curtain rings that are inappropriate, your setup could suffer from a visual clash or poor and inconsistent movement. To make sure you choose the best possible rings for your curtain setup, read these three tips.

Consider What Material Your Curtain Rod Is Made Of

Three of the most common materials that curtain rods come in are plastic, wood, and metal. While a plastic curtain rod is generally your cheapest option, wooden and metal rods look better when they're paired with appropriate curtains and curtain rings. 

A stainless steel curtain rod will make a lot of noise when rings made out of iron or some other metal are in motion on it. However, as long as you're not particularly sensitive to scraping metal, audible feedback can be very useful for knowing when someone's messing with your curtains. Additionally, a metal on metal setup means that you won't experience any bumpiness when you move your curtain rings.

If you have a plastic curtain rod, wooden or plastic curtain rings are your best choice. Depending on what color the curtain rod is, though, you may experience a visual clash if you use wooden rings.

Try To Get Rings That Have At Least Twice The Diameter Your Curtain Rod Has

Since very small curtain rings will lead to jerky and inconsistent movement when you want to open or close your curtains, it'll be useful if the rings you choose have a diameter at least twice that of your rod.

On the other hand, since very large curtain rings will shake a lot and make constant noise if you ever open the window below them, you shouldn't go overboard with ring size either.

Make Sure Your Curtain Rings Have Eyelets Or Clips Strong Enough To Hold Your Curtains

It would be a real pain if you had to return rings because their eyelets or clips are too small or weak to support heavy curtains. Even if the rings can barely support their curtains, excessive friction from weight when you want to move the curtains can be very annoying.

So don't neglect to ascertain the strength of the eyelets or clips on the curtain rings you're buying. If it doesn't look like the rings you're looking at can support very much weight, don't buy them unless you're planning to use them with unusually light curtains.

When your curtain setup comes together nicely, it'll add greatly to the attractiveness of your home as a whole. So even if curtain ring selection seems like a minor issue to you, give as much attention to the process as you can. To find out more, contact someone like Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics.