Moving Flowers to Your New Home? 3 Tips To Get Them There Safe

If you have a lot of flowers and you are moving, you likely do not want to give them up. Below are three tips on packing up your gardening equipment for the movers, and moving your flowers to their new home so they are not damaged.

Moving Gardening Supplies

If you have large gardening supplies, such as a tiller, shovels, and rakes, you need to wrap them up individually. Place the equipment in boxes if you can. The moving company may be able to provide you with boxes that are large enough for them.

If you do not have boxes, wrap each piece of equipment with bubble wrap several times , and then use packing tape to secure the bubble wrap down. When you are finished with this, you may want to wrap each piece of equipment in a thick blanket.

For your smaller gardening tools, place them in boxes. Use newspaper or some other packing materials to separate the tools so they do not hit against each other.

Temporary Nursery

Set up a temporary area at your new home to give your flowers a place to rest until you are ready to get their permanent place ready. This way, when it comes time to move your flowers, they will be out of the soil for the shortest amount of time. If it is in the middle of the summer and the temperatures are high, the flowers need to be put in a shady area in their temporary home. Place them on the north side of your new house or under a shade tree.

Dig holes that are wide and deep enough to accommodate the root balls of each flower that you are moving.

Moving the Flowers

Before you start digging out your flowers at their old home, water them thoroughly. If your flowers have a lot of foliage on them, use some garden shears to remove some of the leaves to make it easier to dig the flowers out. As you remove the flowers, wrap the roots individually in burlap and place the flowers in a large bucket. If you have a lot of buckets, put a lid with a tight seal on them, and ask the moving company if they can move buckets for you. If the moving company does, make sure they do not sit anything heavy on top of them. The movers should also place the buckets in an area of their truck that they will not get knocked around.

When you get to your new home, place each flower in the appropriate hole that you dug, and then water all of the flowers thoroughly. You now have time to get the new garden ready.

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