Tips For Keeping Weeds From Taking Over Your Yard

Weeds have the potential to overrun your yard, and this can destroy the beautiful landscaping you have spent so much time and money creating. While there are a variety of chemical-based weedkillers that you can use to battle this problem, there are many homeowners that may be uncomfortable putting these substances their yards. Fortunately, you have two tips that you can follow to keep the weeds in your yard under control without exposing your pets or children to harsh chemicals.  

Keep Your Soil Covered

One of the best ways of keeping weeds from invading your yard is to keep the ground covered with either a healthy lawn or mulch. By preventing the weed seeds from landing on the soil, you can drastically reduce the prevalence of this problem in your yard.

Unfortunately, there maybe some bare spots in your lawn where mulch would not be a viable option. In this situations, you may want to consider using a lawn patch kit to repair this bald area. These kits usually contain grass seed that is specially designed to grow rapidly in poor soil conditions, and this will help you to protect these areas from weeds.

Use Vinegar

If you have weeds growing through your driveway or in spotty areas throughout your yard. You may need to use an herbicide in these areas to stop the weeds from spreading. If you have been avoiding doing this out of fear of using these chemicals in your yard, vinegar is an effective solution that will not place your children or pets at risk of coming into contact with toxic substances. 

The vinegar is acidic enough to kill the roots of the weed, and this will result in it dying within a couple of days of applying the vinegar. When you are using this treatment, make sure not to administer this treatment when it will be raining. The rain will wash away the vinegar before it is able to kill the roots.Also, the water can move the vinegar towards other plants. If you notice that the weed is still alive after a couple of days, you should apply more vinegar to it, and repeat this process until the weed has been eliminated.

Keeping your yard free from weeds does not have to be a labor-intensive task or one that requires the use of toxic chemicals. Enjoying the benefits of keeping your ground covered with a full lawn or mulch as well as using vinegar to neutralize weeds that manage to start growing will help you to keep this problem from overrunning your yard. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Snyder's Weed Control.