Three Ways To Light Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to creating an outdoor lighting concept, there are many options to choose from. The lighting fixtures you choose should complement your home's exterior decor while providing ample illumination for your entryways and outdoor entertaining areas. Here are a few ways to light your space and bring beauty to your home.

LED Backyard Lighting

For a home with a modern design concept, LED lights can create a stunning complement to your outdoor space. Consider adding LED rope lighting along the edges of your landscaped walkway to create a beautifully lit path to your patio. Lay the rope lighting along the cement or stone pavers and secure them into your gravel or topsoil with plastic clips to keep them in place. You can also add the rope lighting to railings on your patio or porch and along the deck for your pool to bring a soft glow to your backyard area at night. Placing the lights on each stair leading to your pool, patio or deck can bring out the beauty of your space while adding an extra layer of safety to your stairs.

Colorful Flood Lights

If you already have floodlights attached to your home, you can use these outdoor wall lighting fixtures to create a seasonal theme for your home. You can purchase colored cellophane sheets for your floodlights that bathe your home in beautiful colors. Consider orange for Halloween, green and red for Christmas, or pink for Valentine's Day to make your home beautiful and festive for each holiday. This option is a great alternative to hanging stringed holiday lights, which can be difficult to install and take down every year.

Old World Sconces

For vintage homes, outdoor wall lighting fixtures can be used to add an authentic finishing touch to the design theme of the home. Lantern-style lighting fixtures in wrought iron or oil-rubbed bronze create an antique look for the exterior of your home. Place these fixtures on both sides of your front door, and consider adding them to the garage as well to continue the theme. If you have a large porch, you may consider adding antique-style fixtures between each window to create a wall of lighting for your home. For even more illumination that sticks to your design theme, consider solar path lights to line your walkway. These lights are available in similar styles to the lantern-style wall fixtures, making it easy to create a cohesive theme for your property.

Whether you want old world charm or a fun modern look for your space, outdoor lighting concepts bring out the beauty in your home. Consider these three ideas for your home, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique lighting concept.