Worried About Package Theft? 4 Security Tips For Your Home

If you are somebody that orders items online frequently, you may be concerned about the prospect of some of the deliveries being stolen from your front porch. Even if you live in a relatively low-crime area, it can be easy enough for a thief to pull up to your home and steal a package that was left behind. Before changing your shopping habits entirely, consider some of the following tips that can you implement to improve the security of your home and keep any deliveries secure.

Add a Clearly Visible Surveillance Camera

One of the most effective ways to catch a thief if anything is ever stolen so that you can get your item back is through surveillance cameras. In some cases, a properly installed surveillance camera can be enough of a deterrent to keep thieves away entirely. Wireless cameras are, in fact, very easy to install nowadays and can be monitored through your computer, tablet, or even cell phone—allowing you to keep an eye on any packages after they were delivered.

Consider the Benefits of a Guard Dog

While getting a dog is a big decision that should never be done just for a single reason, dogs can be a great way to keep potential thieves away from your home. Most dogs will react when they hear someone at the door, with their barking often being enough to scare people away if they had the intention of stealing a package near your front door.

Avoid Blind Spots in Your Landscaping

An easy way to ensure that your landscaping is not attracting burglars is by making sure that all the shrubs and plants are kept trimmed low. This is especially important if you have cameras hooked up, since their view could be obstructed by your landscaping.

Secure a Space for Frequent Deliveries

For those that do most of their shopping online, it is not uncommon for several packages to be dropped off nearly every day. With the easy availability of everything from toiletries to food and clothing, you might want to look into providing a more secure place for your deliveries. For example, a secure box near the front door can be used for packages and will also have the benefit of keeping things dry in poor weather.

Package theft is a growing problem in many areas, making it a good idea to look into what you can be doing to improve the security of the front of your home. With surveillance cameras and a few other helpful tips, your front yard can be much more secure and make all the difference in preventing theft. For more tips, call a security service like Maffey's Security Group.