Are The Supplies In Your Commercial Basement Damp? Know About Moisture Risks

If you keep all your business supplies in the basement of your commercial building and you have noticed that some of the supplies have been damp when they are brought to the main level, it's important to make sure the items aren't at risk. If there is moisture in the space the items could be at the risk of many concerns, along with the people that are inside the building.

You will want to remove the items from the basement and have a humidifier put in to dry up the space. Once the space is dry, look for the following problems to see if there are damages or concerns that need to be treated.

Mold and Mildew Hazards

There are many health side effects and hazards that occur when mold and mildew are present, and the symptoms and reactions will be different among people. Your staff or clients could be dealing with respiratory problems like sneezing and wheezing because of the mold, along with having asthma issues or allergic reactions. Preventing the moisture can help keep your staff healthy and can prevent mold related health complications.

Pest Infestation Concerns

Pests that are attracted to moisture and dark damp spaces will be lured into your basement if moisture is present. Any type of pest infestation can be an annoyance and a health concern when you are running a business, because the urine and feces of the insects, along with bites and saliva can be toxic or dangerous. Getting rid of the dampness can help keep the space bug free.

Compromised Materials

Because of damp air there could be rotting wood, walls that are coated with mildew and mold markings and insulation that is damaged. You will want to get rid of all compromised materials and have the materials replaced to make sure that mold and mildew or infestation won't continue or spread.

Once the basement is dry and clean, have a waterproofing company come in and protect the walls and the floor in the space. The waterproofing company will apply a coating that stops water from leaking in to the space through the concrete, and that will stop water from damaging the foundation if there is a flood inside the basement. There are many problems that can occur when you have a wet basement or a lot of humidity and moisture in the air. Get the issues taken care of to run your business without worries. Find out more here.