Ways To Maximize Space And Efficiency In Your Home: Tips For You

When you have a home that is not particularly large or spacious, you may wonder if there is anything that you can do to improve your use of space and your efficiency to make it feel larger and more spacious. Luckily, there are numerous ways to maximize the space and efficiency in your home. Get to know a few of your options so that you can be sure that you feel comfortable and happy in your home.

Think Vertically

When you have a home that does not have a lot of square footage, one of the ways that you can make it look and feel bigger is to think vertically when designing and decorating your home. For example, if you have books, movies, CDs, or anything else that needs shelving, you can get custom bookcases that go from floor to ceiling. Doing so can help to minimize your use of square footage that you can put towards other furniture or open spaces.

Improve Your Bedroom Closet Use

You can take a similar approach with your bedroom closet as well. If you have a standard clothing bar and a shelf in your closet, you can do much to improve your use of space so that the empty area above that shelf is no longer empty. You can remove the shelf and the closet-wide bar and build a new closet using a variety of shelving and storage options.

Instead of one large shelf and hanging rack, install multiple hanging racks for different types of clothing. For example, a bar for shirts can be installed with another underneath it for shorts, skirts, and pants. Dresses and suits can be hung separately in a narrower space with more room vertically. Cube shelves and various flat shelving, shoe racks and the like can also be installed from floor to ceiling in your closet. The highest shelves can be used for seasonal storage of items like sweaters or summer tops when they are not in use.

Consider New, Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is designed with utility in mind. Multipurpose furniture is a cornerstone of modern furniture design. When you head to the furniture store to look for pieces, look for those that have hidden or clever storage as well as can be used in other ways.

For example, modern chairs and seating may have built in bookshelves or magazine racks under the cushions and along the sides and back. Some seating may also have hidden storage space much like a storage ottoman for extra blankets, linens and more. Modern beds also often have storage space along the sides, in the headboard, and under the mattress.

Convertible furniture is also a modern option that you can use. Some furniture can be folded down or converted into other things. Wall beds, and desks can fold out from the wall and be used in multiple ways. Some wall beds fold up into the wall and have built-in shelves that are revealed when the bed is up as well as a comfortable modern sofa underneath the wall bed. Wall desks can be used for homework or other tasks but may fold out further into a large dining room table. The possibilities are many for space-saving and interesting, modern decor.

Now that you know just a few of the ways to maximize space and efficiency in your home, you can get creative and make your smaller home look as large and spacious as possible. Click for more info.