Decorative Hardware Options For Rustic Interior Design

Creating a rustic look in your home, whether you are going for a taste of the old west, farmhouse aesthetics, a slightly more modern mission style, or the lodge look, it all begins with the details. You can make a big impact by changing out some of the hardware around your house and attending to a few small details. The following are a few ideas.

Decorative straps

These are also called dummy hinges or strap hinges. They are used as a decorative element, so you can still enjoy the benefits of a modern hinge. Instead, these straps can be added to any door for an instant facelift. They come in a variety of shapes and lengths, from the simple and clean lines of an arrow or aspen hinge to the more ornate look of the fleur de lis style. Most share a similar blackened wrought-iron finish. Smaller straps look best on cabinets, while the longer ones can make a major statement on an entrance door.


Clavos are perhaps one of the more versatile hardware options. They mimic the look of old nail heads, and some dealers call them decorative nails. The version in use in most home décor isn't authentic, but instead a type of furniture tack featuring the decorative nail head. This means you can use them anywhere. For example, add them to a door for a studded look or use them to update your furniture to match your more rustic décor. Most clavos have a hand-hammered appearance and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and metal finishes.

Door pulls

Whether you are replacing the pulls on your cabinets, furniture, or doors, the right pulls or handles can bring your décor together. Wrought-iron style pulls work well, especially if you are using straps on the doors. Opt for a design that mimics the style of the strap – straighter, more angular pulls work well with angular straps like the arrow shape, while graceful curves in the pull will highlight a fleur de lis strap.

Specialty door hardware

Doors are a place where rustic hardware really stands out. Old-style iron ring pulls or knockers can create a centerpiece on a large wooden door, which helps balance out the design when you have large straps along one side. Another option is to add a wrought-iron speak-easy grill on the front of the door if you have a peek-through window or port. If the grill isn't your style, an ornate iron viewer, complete with little door, could be just the thing.

For more inspiration, check with a home decorative hardware supplier.