What Factors Should You Consider When Buying A New Mattress?

The many mattress types and brands on the market can confuse a new buyer. While there are many products labeled as the best for quality sleep, not all will work for you. Buying a mattress is pretty subjective. Just because a particular product works for certain people doesn't mean it will suit your needs. Therefore, as you shop around, here are the key factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Back and Spine Health

Do you have any underlying problems with your neck, back, or spine? Are these problems resulting from sleeping on a poor quality mattress or other health conditions? Your current back and spine health should influence your choice. For example, people with lower back pain should opt for medium density mattresses. For such individuals, a high firmness mattress would aggravate the condition. If you have no underlying conditions, you can opt for a soft or firm mattress. 

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position affects your mattress choice. People who sleep on their backs need more support to the spine and lower back. For this reason, they require a firmer mattress than those who sleep on their stomach. If you sleep on the side, you will get better comfort with a soft or medium density mattress. 

As you consider your sleeping position, think about your weight, too. Heavier persons typically require a firmer mattress than lighter persons. An average person who sleeps on either the back, side, or front can settle for a medium firmness mattress.

Heat and Airflow Issues

Does too much heat bother you at night? Do you sweat a lot on warm nights? If so, you want a mattress that has adequate airflow and heat control. Breathable mattresses such as latex and innerspring allow proper air circulation, which helps keep the bed cool at night. This option is excellent for individuals who don't sleep well when hot. It is also a good choice for persons living in warm climates.

Comfort Levels

Finally, you need to test the comfort levels of your new mattress. Thus, only buy a product that has a favorable return policy. If the mattress doesn't feel right after a few days of use, you should have the choice of returning it. If buying at a local store, you can test the mattress at the store. Take off your shoes and lie on the mattress for a few minutes. If it doesn't offer the desired comfort, move on to the next product.

These tips will help you find a mattress that supports your health and provides optimal comfort. For more information about mattresses, such as queen mattresses, contact a mattress store.