Add These Lights to Your Lawn Tractor

While the stock headlights on your lawn tractor will provide some degree of light, you may feel as though you want the space around you to be brighter. This can especially be the case if you frequently use the tractor when it's dark outside. For example, many people will use a snow blower or plow attachment on their lawn tractor to clear their driveways during the winter. Often, this work will take place in the dark—in many cases, early in the morning so that you can leave for work on time. If your tractor's lights are inadequate, there are several tractor parts that you can consider buying.

Headlight Bar

If your tractor is older, its headlights may not adequately brighten the space in front of you. This can make certain tasks in the dark more challenging than they need to be. One option is to buy LED headlights for the tractor. You don't necessarily need to remove the existing headlights. Instead, think about buying an LED headlight bar, which you can install in several different locations, including on the hood. This device consists of several small LED bulbs that will dramatically brighten the area in front of the tractor. You'll feel a lot more confident removing snow and performing other jobs in low-light situations.

Side Lights

While improving the lighting at the front of the tractor might be your first priority, you may find that lighting on each side of the tractor is also useful. Generally, lawn tractors don't have sidelights, which means that the space to either side of you will be dark when you're working at night. At times, you'll appreciate being able to better see to either side of you. For example, if you're turning the chute of the snowblower to expel snow to the side, you want to see where it's going. Aftermarket floodlight-style lights on each side of the tractor will add considerable brightness.

Rear Lights

When you're clearing snow, you'll spend a lot of time with your tractor in reverse. This can especially be true when you're working in a tight environment. Lawn tractors don't typically have rear lights, which can make backing up a challenge. Mounting aftermarket lights at the rear of the tractor is another good upgrade to consider. You might opt for an LED bar positioned somewhere behind the seat, or choose a pair of floodlights that illuminate the ground behind you. These upgrades will make your job easier and safer after dark.