Buying New Window Treatments For Your Home

The types of shades that you have installed on your home's windows can be an important design decision. Not surprisingly, many people will want to make sure that they are choosing the perfect interior shades for their new home's interior.

Use Noise-Canceling Shades For Windows Facing Busy Streets

Depending on the design of your home and the area that surrounds it, there may be loud roads or other sources of noise that can disrupt life in your home. While it may not always be possible to completely eliminate the noises, there are steps that you can use to drastically diminish the impacts that they have on your home. In particular, noise-canceling shades can be an option for mitigating these noises that homeowners may not always consider. These shades will be made of extremely thick materials that can stop noises that are entering through the glass of the window.

Make Sure Your New Shades Have A Secure Support Rod

The support rod that holds the shades up will be another factor that will be a critical component of these systems. Unfortunately, it is easy for individuals to make mistakes when they are trying to install these support rods, and this can lead to the shades being far more prone to falling down. In some instances, this may even cause damage to the wall as a result of the rod's supports coming loose from the wall. When you are installing the rod for your window shades, it should be anchored into studs in the walls. The shades can be surprisingly heavy, and this can provide them with enough support to be able to hold up the weight of these window treatments.

Point Vents Away From The Vicinity Of The Shades

The vents of your HVAC system can be a source of large amounts of dust entering the rooms of your home. If these vents are positioned so that they will blow on the window shades, this could lead to the shades developing dust accumulations that make them visibly dirty and discolored. It is not possible to eliminate the need to clean the window shades, but you can reduce the amount of dust that is gathering on them by pointing any vents away from the direction of the shades. This can significantly reduce the rate at which dust gathers on the shades so that you can limit the amount of cleaning that you will have to do to them.

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