Need To Buy A Washer? 3 Things To Consider

If you are thinking about purchase a washer, there are a lot of choices you are going to want to need to make as you work your way through the purchasing process.


First, you need to consider what type of configuration you want for your washing machine. You have a few different options; the best choice depends on the space you have for a washer and dryer.

You can go with a traditional side-by-side configuration, which can be achieved with just about any style of washer and dryer, including with top and front load washers. Or, if you want a little extra storage, you can go with side-by-side units with pedestals on the bottom that provide a little storage space.

Or you can go with a stacked system, where the washer and dryer are stacked on top of each other. That works well with a tight space. Or you can go for an all-in-one unit if you only have a small amount of space.

Washer Load Configuration

Second, you need to consider how you want to add clothing to your washing machine. You can go with a front-load machine, where you put the clothing by opening a door on the front of the machine. Front-load machines use less water and tumble the clothing.

Or you can get a top-loading washing machine with the lid on the top of the unit. With this type of unit, an agitator moves your clothing around, and more water is required for washing.

Physical Size

Third, you are going to need to consider the physical size of the machine. You will want to measure the width of any doorways that you need to take the machine through. If you have a tight space, you will want to go with a small space model, and if you have lots of room, you can go with a standard size machine.

A smaller-sized machine will have a smaller capacity inside of your machines, which means they will not handle bigger loads. Think about how much laundry you do and go for a standard size if you do a lot of laundry.

When it comes to purchasing a washer, you will want to know what configuration you want for your machines. You need to consider what kind of power you want the washing machine to have, what type of access you want to the washer, and what size you need for the unit. Knowing these things will make your purchasing choice easier.

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