5 Factors That Impact Your Choice Of Dining Set

When shopping for a new dining room furniture set, it can be tempting to go with the first attractive option in your budget. You need to look further than design and price, though, if you want to purchase the set you will love for many years.

1. Size

Size determination begins with measuring your space. You don't want to fall in love with a table that will crowd the dining room, but it's also a good idea to avoid one that is too small. Consider how many people typically dine at your table, both every day and during holidays or events. You can always opt for a table with removable leaves or a drop leaf design if you will occasionally need more seating for special occasions.

2. Shape

The two most common shapes for a dining room table are rectangular or round. You can find square, oval, and even octagonal tables, as well. Long rooms require a long table, such as a rectangle or oval shape. Square tables are well suited to small places, but they do limit seating options. Round tables tend to provide the most possible seating at the smallest space.

3. Weight

Don't overlook the weight of the set, particularly the chairs, when choosing dining room furniture. If there are young children or those with strength and mobility issues, chairs that are light enough to be moved easily without sliding or tipping over are a must. Conversely, you want the table itself to be heavier so it doesn't shift or get pushed around easily.

4. Materials

Although wood dining room sets are perhaps the most common, they aren't your only choice. Glass top tables on wood or metal frames are very popular, but keep in mind that they may require more cleaning and maintenance. Synthetic materials, including Formica and tile tops, are other popular but durable options. If you do choose to go with wood, you will have to choose the type of wood and whether it will have a painted or natural-looking sealed finish.

5. Base

Dining table bases come in two main types -- pedestal and legs. Legs are typically only found on square, rectangular, and oval tables. Round tables nearly always have a pedestal base, but any shape can be found within the pedestal style. One benefit of a pedestal is that it opens up more room around the table, which can increase how many people you can squeeze around during mealtime.

Visit a furniture showroom to see all of the dining set options that are available.