Installing A New Shower With Glass Doors? Add Window Film To The Doors

If you are installing a new shower that has glass doors in your bathroom, one thing you should consider is also installing window film on the doors. Below are different types of films you can choose from, as well as some benefits. You can then get your new glass shower doors installed so you can start enjoying them. 

Types of Window Films for Glass Shower Doors

One type of window film you can choose is tinted. You can choose from a variety of tints. There are also mirrored window films that are reflective. This is much like having a two-way mirror where you can see who is in the bathroom, but the person will not be able to through the glass to see you in the shower. 

Frosted window films are also available which are translucent. This film does allow light to pass through it, but you will not be able to see the detail of the shapes, people in the bathroom, etc. Opaque window film is another type that gives you complete privacy. This film is blacked out so no light or details of shapes can get through it. 

Glass Shower Doors Window Film Benefits

One of the main benefits of choosing window film for your glass shower door is it can offer privacy for you. The level of privacy does depend on the type of window film you choose, however. Consider this when you purchase the window film for your doors. 

Another benefit is window film makes your glass shower doors more durable, which means they will last much longer for you. They protect the glass if it is accidentally hit by a dropped shampoo bottle, someone bumps into it, etc. The glass is already very strong and durable with these doors but adding film makes them even more so. 

Glass shower door window film can also be customized. You can choose decorated frosted films to make the glass look unique and even more beautiful while still offering you some privacy. There is a gradient window film that starts as opaque at the top and as it moves down the glass becomes more translucent. You can have the company etch a print on the glass or give them a custom design. To do this, they can cut, etch, texturize, print, and sandblast the glass. 

To explore a creative option for your shower doors or to learn more about film types, talk to a company that sells window films for glass shower doors. You can also add this film to the windows in your bathroom for even more benefits.