Replace Damaged Gutter Brackets

Gutter brackets are responsible for holding gutter sections firmly against the eaves (lower edge) of your rooftop. Excessive moisture and high winds could cause gutter brackets to rust and come loose from the eaves. Use the steps below to replace the brackets.

Assess The Damage

The condition of the gutters may indicate whether you had enough brackets securing the gutters in the first place. If the brackets have loosened to the point where the gutter system is drooping, you may benefit from increasing the number of brackets that are installed along the eaves. Evenly spaced brackets that extend along the length of the gutters will provide adequate support.

If the brackets aren't loose but are showing signs of corrosion, the number of brackets may be adequate. You will simply need to swap out the corroded brackets for new ones.

Replace The Brackets

While standing on a ladder, measure one of the brackets. Purchase enough replacement brackets that are the same size. Switching out the old brackets for new ones will not require you to remove the gutter system from your home. You can switch out each old bracket for a new one separately.

Move your ladder to the furthest end where a bracket is located. Use a power drill to remove the hardware that is holding the bracket in place. Remove the bracket clip from the gutter section.

Secure the clip of a new bracket onto the gutter section. Use the power drill to drive the hardware through the other end of the bracket and the eaves. Be careful not to over-tighten the hardware. If you will be installing more brackets than the number that was originally installed, use a tape measure to guide you in spacing out the brackets evenly. Move your ladder along the gutter system as you work.

Perform Maintenance Steps

Cleaning the gutter system will prevent extra weight from potentially damaging the new brackets. Cleaning out the gutter sections will also maintain the condition of the gutter sections. Use a handheld broom or handheld rake to remove wet leaves, twigs, and other fallen debris from the gutter sections.

Use a water hose to rinse the inside of the gutter pieces. Spray water through the downspout too. These simple maintenance steps should be conducted on a seasonal basis. An inspection of the gutter system and the gutter brackets should be performed after stormy weather. If you take note of loose brackets or dirty gutters, tighten the hardware and clean the gutter sections.

Contact a gutter repair service to learn more.