Installing A New Shower With Glass Doors? Add Window Film To The Doors

If you are installing a new shower that has glass doors in your bathroom, one thing you should consider is also installing window film on the doors. Below are different types of films you can choose from, as well as some benefits. You can then get your new glass shower doors installed so you can start enjoying them.  Types of Window Films for Glass Shower Doors One type of window film you can choose is tinted.

Water Damage: Can You Restore Your Rental Property?

If one of your rental properties recently experienced water damage, you may wonder if you should restore the property or write it off as a loss. If you don't know much about water-damaged properties, it may be in your best interest to have a water damage restoration company assess your rental for you. An assessment can tell you whether or not you can save your rental property or write it off as a loss.