Kids Spill Juice And Soda? 2 Tricks You Can Use To Clean The Stains Off Your Carpets

Did your kids spill juice and soda on the carpet that has dried into the fibers? If they did, you're going to have to work fast to get rid of the stains. Here are two simple tricks you can use to get rid of the stubborn stains. Make Quick Work of Red Juice Stains Red juice can be a real pain, especially when it's had time to dry. You're going to need a cleaning trick that will get down deep into the carpet fibers.

Why Are Your Apples Rotting And Falling Off The Tree Early?

If your apples are developing soft, rotten spots and falling from the tree before they're even due to be ripe, chances are good that your tree is suffering from a fungal infection known as brown rot. This disease is more common in peaches, cherries and plums, but occasionally, it does affect apples in the United States. Here's what you need to know about treating and managing the condition. What causes brown rot on apple trees?

Moving Flowers to Your New Home? 3 Tips To Get Them There Safe

If you have a lot of flowers and you are moving, you likely do not want to give them up. Below are three tips on packing up your gardening equipment for the movers, and moving your flowers to their new home so they are not damaged. Moving Gardening Supplies If you have large gardening supplies, such as a tiller, shovels, and rakes, you need to wrap them up individually. Place the equipment in boxes if you can.

Natural Ways To Eliminate Termites From Wooden Furniture On Your Porch

Termites often seek refuge in dark, damp places and are commonly found on objects that are made out of wood. If termites have infested wooden furniture on your front porch, eliminate them with one of the following methods. Once they are gone, continue to maintain the furniture so that you do not encounter an infestation in the future. Citrus Oil Citrus oil is effective in cleaning wood furniture and also works as a natural disinfectant and pest repellent.

Three Tips For Choosing The Best Rings For Your Curtain Setup

When you're trying to make one of the curtain setups in your home as attractive and functional as possible, curtain rings are an important part of the equation. If you select excellent new curtains but utilize curtain rings that are inappropriate, your setup could suffer from a visual clash or poor and inconsistent movement. To make sure you choose the best possible rings for your curtain setup, read these three tips.